In Your Eyes (2014) – Review

Love must be in the air, what with At Middleton first and then this, an unexpected romance from the pen of Joss Whedon. Yes, unlikely as it may seem, it is indeed the same Joss Whedon responsible (writing and production) for this rather unusual tale of two people, polar opposites it would seem, that are somehow telepathically connected from a very early age, who find each other, by literal accident, twenty years later. It has been called a metaphysical love story and to be fair, the focus is on the romance rather than the supernatural, so know this before you part with your hard-earned folding paper.


At Middleton (2013) – Review

Two sisters in real life playing mother and daughter in this imaginary, albeit charming, one? How was that going to work then? I looked at the cast list, featuring both Vera Farmiga (Bates Motel) and younger (twenty-one years younger, admittedly) sibling Taissa (American Horror Story) and needn’t have worried.