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Gravity (2013) – Review


In a year that will be remembered for being one of less renown with regard to science-fiction, along comes something as close to science-fact as you’re likely to get for some time. Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Gravity’ appeared on the scene like a godsend. At least, that is, if you’re a space geek or studio executive. Those of us in the middle were well served too, with not only sumptuous visuals, but a mighty dollop of genuine acting chops. The story, albeit sometimes sickly sweet and emotionally corrosive, will have touched many and empowered at least fifty percent of the planet that Bullock and Clooney were often witnessed floating helplessly above.



LA Film Critics Vote – Alfonso Cuaron Best Director for ‘Gravity’.

Ground-breaking SFX make Cuaron the go-to guy for digital innovation, but do all the bells and whistles really stop you feeling a little bit sick of the cheese and schmaltz overdose?