Wolf Creek 2 (2014) – Review

Directed by Greg McLean
Written by Greg McLean, Aaron Sterns
Starring John Jarratt, Ryan Corr



Dead of Night (1945) – Review

Eailng Studios, at the conclusion of World War II, was not best known for its forays into the world of horror. In fact, this practice by the studio was extremely rare. With the banning of horror films in general during the war, the opportunity for some of the Studio’s more familiar stars to take advantage of this new found creative freedom appeared to be too good an opportunity to ignore, and Ealing produced the portmanteu anthology of horror tales featured here.


Devil’s Due (2014) – Review

Pregnant women are unpredictable. This is a polite and diplomatic way of saying ‘crazy’. They are so crazy, in fact, that if your pregnant best friend told you she was carrying the spawn of satan, you’d probably just nod and pat, nod and pat. Something you would be right to do. Having a baby does funny things to a girl. Outlandish claims and strange feelings are not unique.


The Borderlands (2013) – Review

When it comes to having the bejeezus scared out of you, you don’t normally find that our home-grown British productions really have that ‘run around like your hair is on fire’ kind of momentum. Often the calling card for new directors, the horror genre has alot going for it. It’s not overly reliant upon a great idea (most stories are not unique) or a sophisticated script. Scaring your audience, regardless of plot, is easy as a general rule (not to mention cheap as chips). You just have to provide something either unexpected, loud or horrid to look at without any kind of warning, with if you’re lucky, a suitably tense score.


13 Sins (2014) – Review

What would you do? This question has long been posed by some of cinemas most mischevious film-makers. 13 Sins takes this morality poser to what must be the most intriguing tangent in quite some time. In order for this to work (and the reason for some of the film’s less enamoured reviews) our protaganist has to be something of the ordinary. If not, the audience will be unable to relate to him and as such, the question will be lost, with the viewer merely looking on as observer in a story that they have no personal psychological investment in.


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (2014) – Review

Genuinely, my hopes were not high. Having watched and reviewed all of the Paranormal Activity franchise thus far, I have looked on as what was once an admirable and innovative idea slowly descended into nothing more than a numbers game, generating more and more revenue for less and less quality…