Oscars Reaction

So how did you get on with your predictions? Did you call Mark Rylance? A quick rundown of last night’s events inside…

Well, wasn’t that fun? No, seriously, I’m actually asking. I was tucked up in bed, falling asleep in front of James Cameron’s Avatar while all of the Hollywood tomfoolery was playing out. So, I actually want to know if it was really worth staying up for.

As promised, I said I would poke my head in and have a butchers at what a complete arse I made of my predictions this year, but I’m both happy and surprised to say that overall, I didn’t do too bad.

Looking at my picks, I’m guessing I don;t need to give up the day job just yet, but checking out my list of categories I bothered to mention, I didn’t do so bad, really.

Of the seventeen I decided to stick my neck out on, I managed to get eleven bang on…

Spot On
Best Picture  – Spotlight
Best Actor – Leonardo Di Caprio
Best Director – Alejandro González Iñárritu
Music, Original Song – Writing’s On The Wall
Documentary Feature – Amy
Best Animated – Inside Out
Best Editing – Mad Max Fury Road
Cinematograpy – The Revenant
Make-Up & Hairstyling – Mad Max Fury Road
Production Design – Mad Max Fury Road
Best Writing, Screenplay for Screen – Spotlight

Best Supporting Actor – Mark Rylance (called it too, just wished I’d had the courage)
Best Score – The Hateful Eight (My favourite, but had a feeling Williams would snatch it) 

So overall, I’m pretty satisfied. How did you get on?

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