Closed Circuit (2013) – Review & Trailer


Powerful people are dangerous. The more powerful, the more dangerous, it seems. In this thriller that fails to really get going, Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall are lawyers, charged with the defence of a man accused of being responsible for a bombing in London, costing the lives of 120 people.

Wanting to play it like Tinker Tailor, all this cloak and dagger stuff is a bit moot, unless there are characters you can align to, rally against or just believe in, good or otherwise. Here, the apparently tempestuous relationship between these two lawyers, of a sexual nature, is cause for concern, and probably means that they shouldn’t really be working with each other. Because of one thing or another, however, they are able to manage this, without actually managing it (if you know what I mean. And if you don’t, don’t worry about it, nobody is really that bothered to work out why anyway).

Suffice to say that there is some legal process afoot that means that the two of them can’t ‘officially’ work together. Despite this, they find themselves thrown together for one desperate reason or another and at these times, there is practically no sexual chemistry between them whatsoever. We are supposed to believe that these two were once an item? Not convinced? Well no, me neither.

The story is absurdly convoluted to the point where I find it highly unlikely that even the writers knew what was going on, much less the Director and those actually charged with delivering the lines with any kind of authority.

Like the story itself, it seems that it is much more interesting if you’re actually involved with the whole thing, and as viewers, we felt far from involved, even if we were afforded the opportunity to be in on some of the things that others in the story may have missed because of their allegiances.

The acting was fine, though not in any way great and of the main cast, it would appear that Riz Ahmed comes out with the most glory, as the MI5 agent with apparently more than one agenda. Bana and Hall are both pay check players here that do just enough to get by.
Really, one for the bargain bucket at the local garage really. It’s not awful, but do not expect tension of any kind, or even engagement if we’re honest. It’s a Tuesday afternoon filler on Sky Movies that you may flick onto when the kids are at school. Average, in almost every sense.



  1. You get give them some credit. This movie raises intriguing issues about the war on terror. But I agree that the plot is bit disappointing and so is the direction.

    1. Thanks for your comment, but I have to disagree. This has little to say on the subject of terrorism, aside from how underhanded a government department can be when trying to avoid begin blamed for something. That is a universal trait not bound by borders. If anything, it says that you can’t trust anyone in power, but I think we knew that already.

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